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fingerartist (Iftekhar Ahmed)

Magic of the Fingers Art of finger painting About Artist IFTEKHAR AHMED RAJA (I.A.Raja) Known for unique paintings and love of spirituality. Today, he can be claimed as an institution in himself. He is an inspiration to millions due to his unbelievable skills and aesthetic form of art. Born on June 10 1955 at Khamgaon, Buldhana, Maharashtra, INDIA. I.A.Raja is an Indian artist with extra ordinary skills. He holds an experience of 35 long years in endorsing this form of art. The art that is... beyond the human imagination. At first go, everyone would find it difficult to digest and believe the way he paints! You might be thinking what other way can an artist paint? His magic want... his paint brush, what else! Well, yes like all artists even I.A.Raja has his magic wand. But there's a bit of twist in the magic here. The magic wand this "Man of Miracle" uses is none but his FINGER and NAIL. Hard to believe?

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